Main Street Award Nomination Form

Main Street Oakland County Award Nomination Form

Entry Deadline: 5:00 PM | March 30, 2020
One form entry for each nomination submission

NOTE: To enter the Spirit of Main Street or Window on Main Street, see the Main Street Oakland County Awards Catalog. Please use a new nomination form for each award submission.

Nomination Description:
(750 words maximum): Use narrative and/or itemized bullet point format. The narrative must comply with the Rules & Eligibility and Judging Criteria included in the Awards Catalog. Please create your document in MS-Word or a similar program, and then copy and past in the text box below.
Please Attach Supporting Document
(PDF file format only; not exceeding 35MB): Submit Supporting Document as one PDF. Combine all documents, per nomination, including photos, MS-Word documents, press clips, brochures, video links, etc. into one PDF.

Use the following naming structure for Supporting Documents:
Naming Structure: CommunityName_AwardCategory_UniqueNameofNomination
Example: Holland_OutintheOpen_BenchProject

Questions? Contact Joe Frost at (248) 858-1099 or