Oakland County Strategic Framework Feedback Form

Thriving & Inclusive Economy - Oakland County cultivates entrepreneurs, attracts talent and investment, promotes cutting-edge technology and strives for an economy that works for all people and businesses of all sizes.
Healthy Residents - Oakland County works to ensure access to quality affordable health care, including mental health services, to improve health outcomes for all residents.
Skilled & Educated Workforce - Oakland County provides residents the education, training and support they need to get good paying jobs while assisting businesses in retention and recruitment efforts.
Livable Neighborhoods - Oakland County offers residents quality, affordable housing in welcoming neighborhoods with access to parks and recreation, public transportation and healthy food.
Environmental Sustainability - Oakland County seeks to protect the environment, reduce carbon pollution, keep our water and lakes safe and conserve natural resources.
Public Safety & Criminal Justice Reform - Oakland County keeps residents safe from crime, ensures that all people are treated fairly by the criminal justice system and helps put offenders on the path to productive lives.
Organizational Excellence - Oakland County government values its employees, responsibly manages taxpayer dollars, and delivers innovative and effective services to Oakland County residents.