WRC Data Request Form

Water Resources Commissioner
Data Request

Please submit this completed form for data requested under the terms of Oakland County's Data Access, Distribution and Use Policy.  All requests will be processed in the order received and are subject to approval of the Water Resources Commissioner (WRC) or a designated employee.  

This request is not intended to address data requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). FOIA requests should be submitted to the WRC FOIA Coordinator. The FOIA request form and instructions can be found on the WRC Homepage.

General Information

Requested By:


Authorized By:
Information requests must be sponsored by an Authorized Employee.  This is usually an engineer or project manager of the WRC



Data Request


Use this section to request CCTV data and/or videos.  WRC's dataset contain sanitary, combined and storm system information.  Please provide the following:

Use this section to request GIS (Geographic Information Systems) data.  Data is available for Combined Sewer, Sanitary Sewer, Storm Drain and Water Systems maintained by WRC and by approval of infrastructure owners.  Data is available in both spatial and non-spatial formats.  Please describe information needed:

CVT(s) or N,S,E,W Boundaries


CVT(s) or N,S,E,W boundaries


CVT(s) or N,S,E,W boundaries

Sewer Metering and Rain Gauge Data Request
Use this section to request data from WRC Sewer Metering and Rain Guage.  Data may include flow, velocity, level, etc.  Please provide the following information

SCADA Data Request
Use this section to request data from any WRC SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system.  Data is collected for Sanitary/Combined Systems (Lift Stations, Wastewater Treatment Plants, etc.), Water systems (Storage Tanks, Booster Stations, Well Houses, PRV’s etc.) and Lake Levels.  Please provide the following information: